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BfF Migrationsbroschüre

WELCOME TO GERMANY AND NUREMBERG! We are all aware that many of you have endured endless suffering in your homeland and while fleeing.That is why we will make every effort to ensure you get all the help you need. We hope that you will settle in quickly here. That includes learning our language first of all and getting to know our values and culture. Part of our welcoming culture is to deal with diversity positively and openly in our city. This includes tolerance and respect towards people with other nationalities and cultural roots. In the light of our history in the 20th century and experiences with fascism, war and genocide, the Federal Republic of Germany gave itself a constitu- tion: the Grundgesetz, our Basic Law. At the heart of this is the dignity and freedom of every single person. These are imperative human rights. The constitution includes, among other things, total equality for men and women, the freedom of expression and freedom of the press, the freedom to practice any religion and determine your own sexual identity. In short: all human beings are of equal worth and have the same basic rights. Further- more our basic law guarantees an indepent justice system and the state´s sole monopoly on the use of force. As the city of peace and human rights Nuremberg sees itself as being com- mitted to human rights in a very special way. Mutual respect and appre- ciation for our fellow human beings are the basic requirements for living together peacefully in solidarity. Comprehensive protection against discri- mination is just as much part of this as the protection of weak and vulner- able groups in our society, such as children and old people, refugees or people with disabilities. On this basis, my wish is that we manage to live together successfully in Nuremberg and that we treat each other with respect. Dr. Ulrich Maly The Mayor of the City of Nuremberg The refugee guide provides assistance for settling in here in Ger- many in many languages: